Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Brand Awareness / Sampling / Events


Peet’s, the original craft coffee brand, was looking for ways to effectively reach younger consumers who may not be as familiar with the brand and who have multiple choices when it comes to their coffee habit. New markets also created both challenges and opportunities.


Echo developed a college marketing program on several campuses, including ”Pop Up Coffee Shops” and campus ambassador teams that brought the brand to life with students, especially during stressful periods like exam weeks, graduation, holidays and back to school.


Students at several schools including UC Berkeley, University of Massachusetts, Boston College and Colorado University were surprised and delighted by Peet’s with free coffee, special discount offers and branded bags and knit caps. The brand received rave reviews on social media not only for its amazing coffee, but also for showing it cared about students by supporting them and the causes they believed in like sustainability. Peet’s is now served on dozens of college campuses across the country to an ever growing new generation of ”Peetniks”.