Strategic Development / Branding / Product Demonstration / Retail


Traditional advertising built brand awareness for Slingbox’s revolutionary new product but did not generate sales. Slingbox needed to find other ways to build brand awareness with a key stakeholders like sports fans, demonstrate the product to them and create a more impactful relationship with consumers.


Echo conceived and then formed integrated partnerships with a variety of sports properties including the SF Giants, SF 49ers, SJ Sharks, University of California and Dodge/Save Mart 300 NASCAR event that provided platforms for Slingbox to build brand awareness and affinity with sports fans. In addition, these partnerships allowed for on-site interactive demonstrations to further educate consumers on a more intimate level creating positive word of mouth.



Slingbox leveraged better real estate at several key retailers like Best Buy and Comp USA as a result of its partnership investments and saw an increase in sales in market of more than 46%. Brand awareness increased significantly and Slingbox was ultimately acquired by Echostar Communications for just under $500 million.

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