Aspen Dental

Strategic Development / Branding / Demand Generation / Recruitment / Public Relations


Aspen was having difficulty reaching middle aged men (a key demographic for their denture business) in several markets through traditional advertising channels. New patients and treatment plan acceptance was flat or down in most cases.


Develop and implement a strategic sports marketing program in both pro and college sports including partnership, in-broadcast signage, events, one-to-one engagement, sweepstakes and incentives that would tap into the affinity men have for their favorite teams and drive traffic to Aspen’s call centers and web site.


Key challenge markets like Syracuse, Buffalo, Cleveland, Boston and Pittsburgh saw immediate and across the board increases in call volume, appointments and treatment plan acceptance after the program launched. Initially a test, sports marketing is now a pillar of Aspen’s overall marketing plan with annual budget of $2.7 million. In addition, Aspen’s sports marketing activities have contributed to the company’s recruitment initiative resulting in dozens of new dentists generating $10-$15 million dollars in new revenue.

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