Bank of the West

Surprise and Delight / Branding / Consumer Engagement / Activation


The Bank was looking for ways to leverage their investment in sports to help build their brand and grow their business.


Working with the Bank’s various partners, Echo helps plan, develop and execute a brand centric surprise and delight campaign to reward existing customers and build prospective customer interests. At each property, the Bank provides current Bank of the West customers with $10 off concessions at Football and Basketball games as well as branded premium items for non banking customers.


The Bank has been thrilled with consumer response to the program and recently renewed its collegiate partnerships at University of California, Berkeley; University of Colorado, Boulder; University of New Mexico; and California State University, Fresno. The Bank has seen an uptick in brand awareness and affinity through more strategic utilization of its assets generating a better return on their investment. Echo also provides concepts and staffing solutions for the Bank of the West Tennis Classic at Stanford as well as the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells. Echo helps the Bank find interesting and engaging activities for their customers that creates positive brand association for current and potential customers.